Ver 1.20 - July 2017
* Fixed PDF-A output

Ver 1.19 - May, 2017
* Removed error dialog on startup

Ver 1.17 - August, 2016
* PDF-A output (must be enabled in settings)
* New interface for headwords insertion in filename
* Bug fixes

Ver 1.16 - January, 25th, 2015
* Adjustable DPI setting for the preview pictures (does not affect PDF output)
* Ghostscr updated to Ver 9.15

Ver 1.15 - October, 24th, 2014
* Hopefully finally fixed the startup error

Ver 1.13 - 1.14 withdrawn, cause they were buggy

Ver 1.12 - May, 13th, 2014
* Fixed bug that appeared, when checkbox to keep a backup of source file was activated
* Move the splitter by mouse to increase left region of GUI 
* New setting to show last part of long paths in "history" instead of first part of the path
* Application cannot be started twice accidentally 
* small fixes 

Ver 1.10 - Januar, 21st, 2014
* Export PDF by clipboard or drag'n'drop
* Merge 2 PDF
* Find "lost PDF window" by new contextmenu entry

Ver 1.9 - October, 11th, 2013
* Can handle PDF files, that have already rotated pages inside
* Can handle PDF files Ver. > 1.4 (compressed streams)

Ver 1.8 - October, 4th, 2013  (BUGFIX-RELEASE)  
* Pdftk version back to 2.01 (from 2.02, which seems buggy sometimes?)
* Fixes bug with possible loss of PDF, when a 2nd action was done with same document
* Added delay in settings, before a new PDF from scanner is read (due to conflicts with some 'late writing' scanners)

* If a PDF was modified and the PDF window shall stay open, now the file is read in again to show the actual changes

Ver 1.7 - September, 29th, 2013
* Auto detect correct language setting
* Headword list now supports UTF-8
* Fixed Bug where old PDF was not delete after move

Known Issues:


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