If you often need to handle scanned pages, or you're receiving faxes as PDF, you'll soon love the handy PdfScanManager that helps you with the most common tasks to preview, rename and store them:

  • File system monitoring to open automatically when a new PDF comes in
  • Monitors local or network folders
  • Preview of PDF pages. Single mouse click to zoom (e.g. to check the sharpness)
  • Rotate or move pages inside the PDF
  • Exclude single pages from the document
  • Just start typing to rename the document
  • Use pre-saved tags for the file name (e.g. "Invoice 2013 ...", "Export licence ...", ...)
  • Send as mail (requires Outlook)
  • Export PDF via clipboard or by drag'n'drop
  • Merge 2 PDF
  • Store into your favorite folders (automatically filled, manageable lists of targets)
  • Processes all documents like a queue. One-by-one, so you cannot forget any.

PdfScanManager is absolute free for private and commercial use.
No ads, adware, toolbars or any other unwanted stuff inside:

Download Ver 1.20 (July 2017, Setup.exe, about 10MB, requires .NET framework 3.5)

Attention - about the installation:
Due to a bug, it seems the app comes up initially with a german user interface. Follow the following steps to overcome this issue:
The language selection during setup is only for the setup procedure. It does not affect the installed program.
You can change the language later (when the app is running) by right clicking the icon of the application (it means to open the contextmenu in systray) and then select "Einstellungen anzeigen" (-> show settings) then on the first tab you can change from "Deutsch" to "English" - and finally click the button "Speichern". The next PDF you will open will have a english user interface. Sorry!

Contact the author Konstantinos Pavlis: 

Please  if you like the software and want to support further development!
...also bitcoins are welcome: 1NfRsJxKpNBuoXVKWRWPRubQU1dq86HHiA

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