So many buttons...

...are quite self explaining. After the 1st PDF that you have managed, you will be familiar with the buttons and checkboxes:

The textbox for the new filename:

Just type the new name on your keyboard. If this box has lost the focus, simply press F1.
Dont type the file suffix ".pdf" - it will be added by the application.

With the first 3 buttons under "Source file" you can access the original (unprocessed PDF).
You can open it with your system default application (e.g. Acrobat)
Print it, directly with your system settings on the default printer.
Or delete the file (e.g. if this scan you see is blurred).

[+]    Add the string from the textbox to your "keyword list"
[<<]  Opens the keyword list to choose one string and add it to the textbox
[=]    Replace the text in the textbox with a string from the keyword list

Page modification
Use these buttons to navigate through the pages, rotate single pages (or all of them) or exclude some pages from export

When you're done, choose one of those options to rename, export, copy or mail your file somewhere:

  • Only Rename will perform the page rotation, exclusions etc. and the simply rename the document (without moving it to another place)
  • Rename and send as email - will do the same as above, but additionally create a Outlook-Mail that you can fill with some nice words before sending it.
  • Move into another folder - opens a "Save as" dialog, where you can choose the target folder in a traditional way
  • Copy into clipboard - when selected the window may be rebuild if they were pending raname or page edit modifications
    (copies the path of the modified file in the clipboard, so you can insert it into an existing mail, explorer window,....)
  • Drag'n'drop - maybe also the window will re-open, to reflect pending modification, but  you still can procees dragging the file to your target
  • Move into selected folder - transfers the processed PDF into the folder from the below "History" or "Start point" lists

"History" and "Start points"

If you have selected one folder from "History" the PDF will be transfered directly to this folder (when you e.g. press F5).
But if you choose one folder from "Start points" and press F5, another "Save as" dialog will open, where you can navigate to a deeper folder location, before the PDF is saved

When you have transferred your PDF, usually you are finished, but you can decide if the actual PDF window shall stay open:

New button "Append PDF" will open a separate dialog where 2 PDF can be glued into a new file.

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