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If you often need to handle scanned pages, or you're receiving faxes as PDF, you'll soon love the handy PdfScanManager that helps you with the most common tasks to preview, rename and store them:

  • File system monitoring to open automatically when a new PDF comes in
  • Monitors local or network folders
  • Preview of PDF pages. Single mouse click to zoom (e.g. to check the sharpness)
  • Rotate or move pages inside the PDF
  • Exclude single pages from the document
  • Just start typing to rename the document
  • Use pre-saved tags for the file name (e.g. "Invoice 2013 ...", "Export licence ...", ...)
  • Send as mail (requires Outlook)
  • Export PDF via clipboard or by drag'n'drop
  • Merge 2 PDF
  • Store into your favorite folders (automatically filled, manageable lists of targets)
  • Processes all documents like a queue. One-by-one, so you cannot forget any.

PdfScanManager is absolute free for private and commercial use.
No ads, adware, toolbars or any other unwanted stuff inside:

Download Ver 1.23 (December, 20th 2020, Setup.exe, about 10MB, requires .NET framework 4.6.1)

There is nothing I can do about windows complaining that this software might be maliciuos - this is due to very low usage worldwide - otherwise a developer certificate costs about many hundreds Euros per year...

Attention - about the installation:
Due to a bug, it seems the app comes up initially with a german user interface. Follow the following steps to overcome this issue:
The language selection during setup is only for the setup procedure. It does not affect the installed program.
You can change the language later (when the app is running) by right clicking the icon of the application (it means to open the contextmenu in systray) and then select "Einstellungen anzeigen" (-> show settings) then on the first tab you can change from "Deutsch" to "English" - and finally click the button "Speichern". The next PDF you will open will have a english user interface. Sorry!

To  speed up startup time of the window the preview resolutin is reduced to 120 dpi. This does not affect the output of the PDF. If you want a more clear preview image you can increase this setting to i.e. 160 dpi in settings

Contact the author: 

Please  (paypal) if you like the software and want to support further development!

So many buttons...

...are quite self explaining. After the 1st PDF that you have managed, you will be familiar with the buttons and checkboxes:

The textbox for the new filename:

Just type the new name on your keyboard. If this box has lost the focus, simply press F1.
Dont type the file suffix ".pdf" - it will be added by the application.

With the first 3 buttons under "Source file" you can access the original (unprocessed PDF).
You can open it with your system default application (e.g. Acrobat)
Print it, directly with your system settings on the default printer.
Or delete the file (e.g. if this scan you see is blurred).

[+]    Add the string from the textbox to your "keyword list"
[<<]  Opens the keyword list to choose one string and add it to the textbox
[=]    Replace the text in the textbox with a string from the keyword list

Page modification
Use these buttons to navigate through the pages, rotate single pages (or all of them) or exclude some pages from export

When you're done, choose one of those options to rename, export, copy or mail your file somewhere:

  • Only Rename will perform the page rotation, exclusions etc. and the simply rename the document (without moving it to another place)
  • Rename and send as email - will do the same as above, but additionally create a Outlook-Mail that you can fill with some nice words before sending it.
  • Move into another folder - opens a "Save as" dialog, where you can choose the target folder in a traditional way
  • Copy into clipboard - when selected the window may be rebuild if they were pending raname or page edit modifications
    (copies the path of the modified file in the clipboard, so you can insert it into an existing mail, explorer window,....)
  • Drag'n'drop - maybe also the window will re-open, to reflect pending modification, but  you still can procees dragging the file to your target
  • Move into selected folder - transfers the processed PDF into the folder from the below "History" or "Start point" lists

"History" and "Start points"

If you have selected one folder from "History" the PDF will be transfered directly to this folder (when you e.g. press F5).
But if you choose one folder from "Start points" and press F5, another "Save as" dialog will open, where you can navigate to a deeper folder location, before the PDF is saved

When you have transferred your PDF, usually you are finished, but you can decide if the actual PDF window shall stay open:

New button "Append PDF" will open a separate dialog where 2 PDF can be glued into a new file.

The Context Menu

  • Open a PDF file (e.g. from a location that is not monitored)
  • Rescan the monitored folders for PDFs that you may have missed
  • Open settings (the configuration)
  • Checkbox Show a taskbar icon for the main window of the application (the PDF window always has an icon whenever it is visible)
  • Checkbox Auto Open the PDF window (whenever a new file is found)
  • Quit the entire application

The Options / Settings

Configure it as you like to

Here at least you need to setup the location (aka directory) where the PdfScanManager shall keep an eye on for new PDF documents. 
In fact you can set up 2 locations: Inside an arbitrary folder and in your "My Documents"
Keep in mind, how you set the "File-name filter" related to the output of your scanner or fax system.
If you put in here "*.*" it will work in every case, but it will also put every renamed document (that you have already processed) again in the Todo-List, if you did a "Simple rename" or "Rename and mail". 

Ver 1.23 12/20/2020
* Due to problems on some systems AutoComplete can be configured or disabled in settings now

Ver 1.22 - Dec 2020
* AutoComplete enabled again

Ver 1.21 - Febr.2019

* Reads also PDF from subfolder of monitored directory
* Fixed double preview when zoomed

Ver 1.20 - July 2017
* Fixed PDF-A output

Ver 1.19 - May, 2017
* Removed error dialog on startup

Ver 1.17 - August, 2016
* PDF-A output (must be enabled in settings)
* New interface for headwords insertion in filename
* Bug fixes

Ver 1.16 - January, 25th, 2015
* Adjustable DPI setting for the preview pictures (does not affect PDF output)
* Ghostscr updated to Ver 9.15

Ver 1.15 - October, 24th, 2014
* Hopefully finally fixed the startup error

Ver 1.13 - 1.14 withdrawn, cause they were buggy

Ver 1.12 - May, 13th, 2014
* Fixed bug that appeared, when checkbox to keep a backup of source file was activated
* Move the splitter by mouse to increase left region of GUI 
* New setting to show last part of long paths in "history" instead of first part of the path
* Application cannot be started twice accidentally 
* small fixes 

Ver 1.10 - Januar, 21st, 2014
* Export PDF by clipboard or drag'n'drop
* Merge 2 PDF
* Find "lost PDF window" by new contextmenu entry

Ver 1.9 - October, 11th, 2013
* Can handle PDF files, that have already rotated pages inside
* Can handle PDF files Ver. > 1.4 (compressed streams)

Ver 1.8 - October, 4th, 2013  (BUGFIX-RELEASE)  
* Pdftk version back to 2.01 (from 2.02, which seems buggy sometimes?)
* Fixes bug with possible loss of PDF, when a 2nd action was done with same document
* Added delay in settings, before a new PDF from scanner is read (due to conflicts with some 'late writing' scanners)

* If a PDF was modified and the PDF window shall stay open, now the file is read in again to show the actual changes

Ver 1.7 - September, 29th, 2013
* Auto detect correct language setting
* Headword list now supports UTF-8
* Fixed Bug where old PDF was not delete after move

Known Issues: